6.1505Halogen Outdoor-Floodlight


  • Protection system IP54
  • Made of nonrusting anodised aluminium for halogen lamps
  • Highly polished aluminium reflector
  • Fold-up front frame with safety glass pane and silicon sealing ring
  • Supplied without light source
Article number Lamps Lumen Wattage V/mA Socket Radation angle
Body colour black
Body colour black
6.1505.01.86 QT-DE12 9.500lm 3000K 500W 230V R7s E92
6.1510.01.86 QT-DE12 22.000lm 3000K 1000W 230V R7s E94
6.1515.01.86 QT-DE12 36.000lm 3000K 1500W 230V R7s E95
Body colour white
Body colour white
6.1505.02.86 QT-DE12 9.500lm 3000K 500W 230V R7s E92