5.0630.10.12Contant Current power supply, IP65, not dimmable


  • IP65 mounting housing, out 12 V-DC, 50 W, for 1 spotlight 4.0292 and 4.0291
  • Constant current converter for POW LED modules
  • Controlled constant output current
  • SELV
  • Over temperature and short circuit protection
  • Overload and overvoltageprotection
  • Identification of polarity: +/-
  • POW LED modules must be wired in series connection to the constant current power supplies
  • Normen: Safety: EN 61347 Radio Interferencies: EN 55015 Harmonics: EN 61000-3-2 Immunity: EN 61547


  • The ambient temperature (ta) of the power unit must not exceed 50°C in the enclosed protective housing. This is a guide value and reached at a temperature of approx. 35°C in the space around the protective housing. Project-specific solutions are possible on request.
Article number V-AC Hz mA W V-DC ta °C LxWxH mm kg IP
5.0630.10.12 90-250 50-60 3600 50 12 Max 50° 254x180x111 0,5