4.1911Retrofit-Insertion for 4.1900

For retrofitting in existing swimming pools with existing spotlights.


  • Retrofit insertion for installation in existing spotlights 4.1900 for retrofitting halogen to LED
  • Entirely made of stainless steel 316Ti 1.4571 and high-quality anodized aluminum
  • POW-LED white 12 V-DC
  • light distribution especially for swimming pool lighting
  • Delivered ready for connection with end cover
  • Constant-current power source ordered separately


  • Replacement/exchange requires separate agreements.
  • POW-LED monochrome, single colour in green, red, amber, turquoise, capriblue
  • POW-LED RGB or RGB-W available
Article number Lamps Lumen Light colour Wattage V/mA Radation angle
Versions: Underwater environments only
4.1911.00.11 24 POW-LED 5520 lm 6000K cold white total 62 W 30°-120° Multiflux
4.1911.00.12 24 POW-LED 4560 lm 3000K warm white total 62 W 30°-120° Multiflux
4.1911.00.13 24 POW-LED 5160 lm 4500K neutral white total 62 W 30°-120° Multiflux