Lighting design begins under water Lighting of the wellness and swimming area at Öschberghof

For hotel guests seeking relaxation, the diverse spa world at the Öschberghof offers a successful change - whether relaxing spa areas with whirlpools, an indoor sports pool or the outdoor infinity pool with a breathtaking panoramic view. Only through professional lighting design combined with high-quality luminaires do these water worlds unfold their full effect.

On the edge of the Black Forest, in the rolling hills of the Baar, lies the "Öschberghof". The 5-star superior golf and spa resort was originally built in 1967 by Karl Albrecht, the founder of ALDI Süd and a passionate golfer. After several extensions, the last in 2019, the "Öschberghof" presents itself today as a luxurious resort with 126 rooms, a 45-hole golf course and breathtaking spa and wellness area on more than 5,000 square meters.

WIBRE professionelle Unterwasser-Scheinwerfer für Spa-Hotel Öschberghof im Schwarzwald
Öschberghof professionelle Unterwasserbeleuchtung im Innenbecken

Lighting with relaxation guarantee

A versatile spa world awaits guests at the Öschberghof, including the Asia Spa, Energy Spa, Relax Spa, Harmony Spa and many more. Also integrated are an indoor pool, an outdoor infinity pool, several whirlpools and an onsen pool - an Asian hot water pool with a calming effect on mind and soul. All those pools are optimally illuminated underwater, harmonizing with the overall lighting design of the wellness area. Each room has its own atmosphere.

The guest is guided through the cozy spa landscape in pleasant, soft zones of brightness. Nowadays, luminous water is considered an essential and atmospheric design element for lighting planners and architects.

Light, especially in shimmering and moving water, has been proven to make a decisive contribution to the relaxation of mind, body and soul. Light under water is one of the most important factors in for wellness areas to guarantee the optimal relaxation of the guests. Who likes to swim in a dark pool or would step into the cold-seeming onsen pool?


Without integrated and well-thought-out pool lighting, you'd have a dark hole in the spa area, which certainly wouldn't help the relaxation effect.

Benjamin Pfendt, Head of Marketing

WIBRE Unterwasser-Scheinwerfern beleuchten Onsen-Becken im Öschberghof
Mit WIBRE Scheinwerfern: Stimmungsvoll beleuchtetes Onsen-Becken im Öschberghof

Multifaceted underwater light

A few red lantern shades as decorative highlights lead guests to the onsen pool, appropriately bathed in red, within the dramatically lit Asia spa. Two powerful yet compact spotlights create red light in the water, emphasizing the high water temperature.

The intensity of the red light can be adjusted as desired using RGB-W technology. Since the color red has only a very short range in water (due to the physical wavelength of the color red), additional white LEDs in the spotlight support the color rendering. For variety in the Asia Spa, you also have the option of switching to green, blue, yellow, purple or other arbitrary color tones - or you can use an automated color change. Common areas such as loungers, the onsen pool and foot baths are illuminated in a decentralized manner. Guests are not disturbed by blinding lamps.

In contrast to the Asia Spa, the large indoor pool is harmoniously and evenly lit. Several large spotlights, designed for sports pools, illuminate the entire pool in a neutral white light. The lossless LED lighting technology and a unique cooling process create a powerful lumen package and allow for safe illumination of such large pools. After a successful round of golf or an intense meeting, guests can take one lane at a time and let off steam. The light distribution, specially adapted for swimming pools and achieved through specially arranged lenses, also guarantees glare-free lighting while swimming.

Another facet is shown by the outdoor infinity pool, which awaits guests with a breathtaking panorama of nature. A total of 13 spotlights illuminate and accentuate the water in a relaxing way. This gives the entire outdoor area a fairytale-illumination. Through a diffuse glass pane, the spotlights, equipped with several powerful POW LEDs, create a soft light pattern. Nevertheless, an accentuation of the different pool areas could be generated by the specific arrangement of the spotlights. As a light color, the LEDs emit 4,500 Kelvin, an optimal shade of white for blue-lined pools.


Effective and variable light

All underwater spotlights used impress with an effective and variable light, which is created through high-power and efficient POW LEDs and a well-thought-out lighting technology. The low-power consumption and an above-average service life of the floodlights contribute their part to the overall environmental awareness of the hotel. Durability is guaranteed by excellent workmanship and first-class materials. For example, the entire spotlight chassis is made of 316Ti stainless steel, an extremely durable type of V4A stainless steel.


Successful lighting design starts under water

The successful lighting design in the entire Hotel Öschberghof, especially in the different spa areas, shows the necessity of a professional lighting design above and especially underwater. Pool lighting can be the central starting point of lighting design for spa areas, as luminous water is the eye-catcher of any spa and the two most important elements of life, water and light, unite here.

Beeindruckende LED-Beleuchtung für Spa-Außenanlage
Unterwasser LED-Beleuchtung für Außen-Schwimmbecken


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