We are member of …

BSWFederal Association for Swimming Pools & Wellness

WIBRE is a new member of the Association Swimming Pool & Wellness. With the membership in the bsw a further strong partnership for the enterprise has been developed. The bsw is a professional federation service provider which offers a comprehensive branch network of the swimming pool and spa industry in Germany and Europe.

IAKSInternational Association for Sports & Leisure Facilities

As a new international partner of the IAKS, WIBRE is expanding its network in the field of sports and leisure facilities. The aim of the IAKS is the worldwide creation of high-quality, functional and sustainable sports facilities. As the only non-profit organization, the IAKS cooperates with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and numerous other partners. As a leading manufac- turer in the field of sustainable and safe lighting of swimming pools, WIBRE provides a strong partnership.